Prom Suits & Tuxedos

Prom Suits & Tuxedos

Prom night – it’s the highlight of your school life and your chance to show your classmates just how well you scrub up, given the chance. Our special discount prom packages show you don’t have to spend much to look great. Think you’ve got a good shot at being crowned prom king this year? Your win is in the bag with one of our packages, including suit, shirt and tie. 

Prom Suits & Tuxedos

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  • Prom King Slim Fit Suit Package

    Includes Shirt + Tie

  • Dobell Black Slim Fit Suit
  • Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo + Pants + Shirt + Bow Tie


  • 1 Button, White Notch Lapel, 2 piece Tuxedo
  • 1 Button, Slim Fit, Black Tuxedo Suit, Peak Lapel by Dobell
  • Black Shawl Lapel Tuxedo + Pants + Shirt + Bow Tie


  • Vito Dogtooth Slim Fit Tuxedo with Contrast Shawl Lapel
  • Dobell Airforce Blue Slim Fit Suit
  • Dobell Navy Blue Performance Slim Fit Suit
  • Stars & Stripes Slim Fit Novelty Suit
  • Dark Silver with White Dots Slim Suspenders
  • Silver Easy Care Vest
  • Black Easy Care Vest
  • Faux Onyx Cufflinks - Silver Colored
  • 100% Cotton, Wing Collar, Plain Front, Slim Fit Tuxedo Shirt by Dobell
  • 100% Cotton, Laydown Collar, Plain Front, Slim Fit Tuxedo Shirt by Dobell


  • Black with White Dots Suspenders
  • Black Contemporary Patent Tuxedo Shoes
  • Dobell Black Classic Patent Tuxedo Shoes
  • Cufflinks - Novelty Poker
  • Black Poly Cummerbund & Pre-Tied Bow Tie Set
  • White Skinny Necktie
  • Black Skinny Necktie
  • Royal Blue Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • 48 Product(s)
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Prom night is all about dressing up, showing off and having fun after all that hard work at school. It’s an initiation rite – a gateway into your adulthood and the next important stage in your life. Start as you mean to go on, dressed well, looking great and feeling confident.

Your prom suit is more than just a suit; it’s a representation of your future successes. The pressure is on to track down the best prom suits - the ones that fit your figure well and look on-trend and stylish. Luckily we have an array of choices at incredibly low prices, whether you’re looking for a tuxedo for prom, or an edgy slim fit suit for an understated look.

Opt for the tuxedo if you want a dressy style more suited to the evening. It’s worth finding out what your date is wearing too so you can match the formality of their outfit. We stock white, midnight blue, grey, and an excellent value-for-money black shawl lapel tuxedo package complete with shirt and bow tie.

The slim fit suits are popular at the moment, with an elegant cut giving the suit a contemporary feel. Don’t be afraid to accessorize your prom suit with patent shoes, colorful braces and a handkerchief to match the color of your date’s outfit. You can even go all out and ditch the traditional prom suit in favor of a novelty suit – a patriotic stars and stripes suit, perhaps?

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