Wedding Cravats

Wedding Cravats

The cravat, the early ancestor of the neck tie and bow tie, is making a fashion comeback. This flamboyant suit accessory comes in a range of styles, from satin-feel formal cravats for formal occasions, to day cravats for wearing with smart-casual suits. Add a little flare to your wardrobe with one of our cravats in a range of colors and patterns.

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  • Black Poly Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Silver Poly Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Ivory Poly Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Dobell Light Blue Paisley Cravat
  • Dobell Gold Paisley Cravat
  • Dobell Ivory Paisley Cravat
  • Dobell Royal Blue Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Gold Poly Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Burgundy Poly Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • White Poly Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Heritage Blue Poly Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Baby Blue Poly Dupion Cravat
  • Dobell Navy Blue Victorian Jacquard Cravat
  • Blue Victorian Polyester Jacquard Cravat
  • Red Victorian Polyester Jacquard Cravat
  • Crimson Red Poly Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Orange Poly Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Yellow Poly Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Racing Green Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
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  • Dobell Black Da Vinci Cravat
  • Red Da Vinci Cravat
  • Dobell Burgundy Paisley Cravat
  • Dobell Silver Paisley Cravat
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Inject gentlemanly style into your wardrobe with one of our on-trend men’s cravats. The cravat is one of the longest-surviving fashions in the history of menswear. It originated as Croatian military-wear in the 17th Century but savvy trend-setters in Paris liked it so much, they made it mainstream. The word ‘cravat’ actually comes from the French Baroque slang for Croatian.

Eventually the cravat evolved into the modern neck tie and the bow tie – but many fashion-forward men revert back to the cravat in its classic form to add a little pizzazz to their smart-casual or formal outfits.

The day cravat is designed to be worn with an open-necked collar, to add a pop of colour to a smart ensemble. It serves the dual purpose of keeping the neck warm whilst looking extraordinarily dapper. The formal cravat is styled slightly differently – usually with a pronounced knot at the top. This has earned the nickname the ‘Ascot’, because it is the type of cravat worn to the famous Royal Ascot horse racing in Britain.

At Dobell we stock a range of formal and day cravats for casual wear, smart wear and formal occasions such as weddings. You will find satin-look cravats in a range of colours, including red, ivory, gold, blue and patterned. You’ll also find a beautiful collection of paisley day cravats plus a range of other patterns. Whether you’re a pink polka dot man, or a more subdued blue, you’ll find the perfect cravat for your collection here.