Dress Canes

Dress Canes

You can’t truly appreciate the power of a dress cane until you’re holding one. Since ancient times the cane has been a symbol of power and strength – now, they're a style statement. Sharpen up your formal look with one of our luxurious dress canes, ideal for taking to the opera, theatre, or to any white tie or black tie events.

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Since ancient times the cane has been used in ceremonies as a symbol of power and strength. It became an item of fashion between the 17th and 19th centuries. It was typical for men and women of a certain social standing to walk around with their elegant dress canes – which were styled differently for the daytime and evening, the latter being more decorative. Today, dress canes are usually only ever ‘worn’ by men in the evenings at very formal black tie and white tie events.

A dress cane is a mark of a well-dressed man. It commands attention and gives the wearer a look of power and formality. You can’t ignore a man carrying a dress cane. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a gentleman, a dress cane could just be the missing piece in your formal attire.

We stock a range of dress canes for all budgets and tastes – from plain silver ball handle, to full on gold and Swarovski crystal opulence. You can wear your dress cane with a top hat and morning coat, with a tuxedo, or with white tie attire.