A handkerchief is an on-trend suit accessory; versatile, smart and creative. Go stylishly mismatched, pairing your handkerchief with a different colored cravat, or stick with a color theme and run it through all your suit accessories. Remember, a handkerchief is for life – not just for blowing your nose.

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  • Dobell White Dupion Handkerchief
  • Dobell Black Dupion Handkerchief
  • Dobell Gold Dupion Handkerchief
  • Dobell Royal Blue Dupion Handkerchief
  • Dobell Crimson Red Dupion Handkerchief
  • Dobell Silver Dupion Handkerchief
  • Dobell Burgundy Dupion Handkerchief
  • Dobell Racing Green Dupion Handkerchief
  • Dobell Mustard Paisley Pocket Square
  • Blue Da Vinci Handkerchief
  • Dobell Racing Green Velvet Handkerchief
  • Dobell Blue Fish Print Pocket Square
  • Dobell Blue with Black Anchor Print Pocket Square
  • Dobell Golf Print Pocket Square
  • Dobell Navy Check Seersucker Pocket Square
  • Dobell Prince Of Wales Check Linen Pocket Square
  • Dobell Light Blue Seersucker Pocket Square
  • Red Victorian Patterned Jacquard Handkerchief
  • Dobell Burgundy Flecked Donegal Tweed Handkerchief
  • Dobell Light Grey Donegal Tweed Handkerchief
  • Dobell Champagne Paisley Pocket Square
  • Dobell Silver Velvet Handkerchief
  • Dobell Purple Velvet Handkerchief
  • Dobell Teal Graphic Floral Print Pocket Square
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Handkerchiefs are back on trend – not just for weddings and formal events, but for everyday business and weekend wear too.

There’s so many different ways to wear your handkerchief – whether you stuff it into your breast pocket or fold it into a razor-sharp square – it’s versatile enough for any smart-casual to seriously formal occasion.

Once you’ve decided you’d like to add a pop of color to your suit, the next challenge is choosing what kind of style you’d like to go for. Choosing a handkerchief is like diagnosing a problem. It’s a case of deduction. First of all, consider the occasion. This will help determine the brightness of color and the pattern. Next, look at the color of your suit. You don’t want to clash (unless you’re consciously doing a stylish mismatch. You may also wish to reflect your personality. If you’re hoping to blend in you might prefer to opt for a dark, demure color - whereas if you're all about showing off, pink polka dots might be more your thing. Think also about how often you plan to wear your handkerchief. You might want to choose more neurtral colors if you intend to wear it to more than one occasion.

Once you’ve checked off all your factors, you can browse our collection of handkerchiefs to find the most suitable one for you. From fun, bright colors to demure business-like designs, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste here.