For a small strip of cloth, the humble necktie packs a powerful punch. A necktie says ‘I mean business’; it gives you an edge, a handy weapon in your wardrobe armory. Choose from our wide selection of neckties for business and formal events. Keep it simple with a low-cost plain necktie, or go all out with one of our silk neckties in a paisley design.

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  • Black Poly Necktie
  • Burgundy Poly Necktie
  • Dobell Racing Green Dupion Necktie
  • Silver Poly Necktie
  • Dobell Festive Fun Red Christmas Musical Necktie


  • Dobell White Dupion Necktie
  • Dobell Santa and Friends Green Christmas Musical Necktie


  • Dobell Christmas Wrapping Paper Musical Necktie


  • Dobell Crimson Red Dupion Necktie
  • Dobell Black Velvet Necktie
  • Dobell Navy Velvet Necktie
  • Black Skinny Necktie
  • Christmas Wrapping Paper Tie
  • Dobell Royal Blue Dupion Necktie
  • White Skinny Necktie
  • Dobell Red and Green Christmas Necktie
  • Dobell Gold Dupion Necktie
  • Happy Santa Red Christmas Necktie
  • Dobell Ivory Dupion Necktie
  • Dobell Rudolph Red Christmas Necktie
  • 'Happy Santa Claus' Christmas Necktie
  • Dobell Silver Dupion Necktie
  • Santa & Friends Green Christmas Necktie
  • Dobell Navy Blue Paisley Jacquard Necktie
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There’s few things in life that say: ‘I mean business’ like a man wearing a necktie. The necktie is more than a strip of fabric; it’s more than a decoration or accessory. It’s a modern-day icon of hard work, leadership and entrepreneurship – a symbol of the 21st century working man. It’s also pretty stylish, in the right color, style, pattern and combination.

At Dobell we stock around 200 neckties for all budgets, tastes and occasions. Our staple range of Alexander Dobell neckties offers fantastic value for money (we might be biased, but our customer reviews can back that up). We recommend investing in a number of different colors and styles to take you through the working week, and right through any formal events at the weekend.

But which color and style should I choose for which occasions, we hear you ask? According to some researchers, there is a psychology to choosing neckties. For example, if you want to appear powerful and confident – say when you’re chairing a meeting, or delivering a speech, then opt for red. Red is for power and passion. If you’re going for a more chilled out, sophisticated vibe, opt for black or gray. While black is more traditional and more of a statement, gray is softer but contemporary, without coming across as pretentious.

Of course, the color you choose is down to you. The necktie is all about choice, after all. It’s a chance for you to express your personality. Wake up feeling amazing in the morning? You go for that pink polka dot number. It’s your necktie, your prerogative.

A great on-trend style right now is the skinny necktie, perfect for bringing your work look up-to-date. We have a great range of skinny neckties from designer brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Thomas Pink, as well as our very own Dobell.

So now it’s time to experiment, indulge your inner style god and bring some power to your wardrobe.