Sock Suspenders

Sock Suspenders

Unless you’re intentionally going for the on-trend ‘sockless’ look, you should never have the skin between your shoes and trouser hem showing. However, socks can slip down during the day, and the only reasonable (and fabulously retro) solution is a sock suspender – otherwise known as a sock garter.

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If you haven’t heard of this handy garment before, prepare to have your socks blown off (or not). True, sock suspenders aren’t mainstream fashion - but if you’re browsing this page, you’re probably not looking for mainstream. Sock suspenders – otherwise known as sock garters – were worn in the 1800s to stop socks from slipping down one’s calf. They consist of a strap with grips that secure each side of your sock. Once on, they can barely be felt at all. While today socks are made from more elasticised material, some men, especially those with bigger calves, prefer to feel more secure with a pair of sock suspenders.

A pair of sock suspenders will go pleasantly with a retro outfit, such as a tweed waistcoat, bow tie and suspenders. They are also convenient at formal events like black tie and white tie – events where you don’t want to be bending down to adjust your socks every few minutes.

Our sock suspenders make fantastic gifts for men – perhaps for a father or grandfather, as they’re high quality, come in a choice of colors, and it’s something a little different. Our range all come with adjustable straps for comfort, and strong clips for convenience.