Stud Sets

Stud Sets

Personalize your tuxedo shirt with a set of shirt studs – a formal, stylish and elegant accessory for any special occasion. A shirt stud is a decorative fastener designed to fit onto the buttonhole of your tuxedo shirt. Get creative with your tuxedo shirt studs by mixing up the colors, and browse from our high quality, affordable range below to enhance your smart-wear collection.

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Make sure you’ve got the stylish edge over everyone else at your next formal function by investing in a set of tuxedo shirt studs. It’s a dapper look that came into fashion in the 1840s and has stayed there ever since. Style icons including Daniel Craig, Leonardo Di Caprio and Jake Gyllenhaal have all been seen sporting shirt studs with their tuxedos in recent years.

The purpose of a stud button is, as you might expect, to keep your shirt fastened together. No one wants to see a bare chest at a formal event after all. Beyond its functionality, the stud button is largely decorative, adding a point of interest on the front of a dress shirt. Usually only the top three buttons are visible over the tuxedo jacket, cummerbund, or waistcoat.

Choose from a variety of colors available and, if it’s a wedding you intend to wear them to, think about matching your shirt studs to the color scheme of the day. Alternatively, tuxedo shirt studs make excellent gifts for men. Whether it’s Father’s Day, your Granddad’s birthday, or your son’s 21st, a set of shirt studs makes for a memorable, lasting gift. Our shirt studs all come in an attractive presentation box, making the unwrapping of the gift extra special.