Men’s suspenders are in style right now. They’re bold, they’re retro, they’re smart and they’re practical – keeping your pants up at the same time as giving you that fashionable edge. Wear your suspenders at the office, out in bars and restaurants and to formal black tie events. We stock a large collection of smart and stylish suspenders to jazz up your smart-wear wardrobe.

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Suspenders have gone in and out of fashion multiple times over the past few centuries – marking a number of iconic style movements, including punk and ‘80s Wall Street power attire. They first made their appearance in their modern form in the 1800s but lost popularity in the 1930s with the rise of the belt, which was considered more appropriate to wear without a waistcoat.

Essentially, suspenders consist of two straps that connect to the back of the pants, run over the shoulders and clip on to the front. The straps join at the back either in a Y shape, or an X shape.

There are plenty of advantages to wearing suspenders instead of a belt – not least because they look great. While a belt can cinch the waistband tight to the body (sometimes creating a bulge), braces support the trousers from multiple points, distributing the weight evenly and producing a more flattering silhouette beneath your suit. It also eliminates any bunching of the pants themselves and enables the wearer to adjust where the trousers sit on the body.

Because tuxedo pants don’t have belt loops, suspenders are required for formal black tie attire. The recommended color for black tie is black or white. Save the experimenting for less formal events, like drinks in a swanky cocktail bar, or a special dinner with friends and family.

Choose from our range of suspenders in a selection of formal and fun designs.