Every good suit should hide a good pair of underwear. Too baggy and you risk bulking up the seat of your pants. Simplicity is the key – black or white men’s trunks will suffice for daily work-wear or black tie event. They’re on-trend, they’re invisible beneath your pants, and they’re comfortable.

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One of the cardinal rules of wearing suit or tuxedo pants, is wear the right underwear beneath them. Baggy boxer shorts may well be comfortable, but they can all-too-easily bulk up the material and ruin the smooth line of your suit.

Keep it simple with a pair of close-fitting men’s trunks in either black or white. If you’re heading out on a date, you don’t want to put anyone off with those old novelty boxers your mom gave you five Christmases ago. Invest in good, simple, smart underwear you can feel confident in.

We stock a range of underwear, including men’s trunks and socks, to make it easier for our customers to get everything they need for their formal event in one place. They key for us is quality and affordability, so every man can enjoy designer labels without breaking the bank.