3-Piece Suit

3 Piece Suit

The classic 3 piece suit - with matching pants, vest and jacket - is back and bigger than ever. It’s flattering, it’s on-trend, and it’s sharp as anything. We’re stocking a wide range of 3 piece suits in various colors and fits, so whether you want to stand out at a formal event, or really stand out at a casual one, we’ve got something for you.

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  • Dobell Black Travel/Performance Suit
  • Dobell Navy 100% Wool Suit
  • Dobell Charcoal Prince of Wales Check Suit
  • Dobell Navy Pinstripe Suit with Peak Lapel
  • Dobell Navy Travel/Performance Suit
  • Torre 100% Wool Dark Blue Check Suit
  • Torre 100% Wool Brown Tweed Suit
  • Torre 100% Wool Light Blue Tweed Suit
  • Torre Dark Blue Suit
  • Skopes 'Darwin' Charcoal Suit
  • Skopes 'Darwin' Navy Blue Suit
  • Skopes 'Darwin' Black Suit
  • Dobell Black 100% Wool Suit
  • Dobell Stone Grey Suit
  • Dobell Navy Blue Suit
  • Dobell Navy Prince of Wales Check Suit
  • Dobell Grey Suit

    Dobell Grey Suit

    $139.95 $69.95

  • Dobell Charcoal 100% Wool Suit
  • Dobell Light Grey Travel/Performance Suit
  • Dobell Grey Sharkskin Suit
  • Dobell Black Suit
  • Dobell Lake Blue Suit
  • Dobell Teal Suit

    Dobell Teal Suit

    $139.95 $69.95

  • Dobell Charcoal Pinstripe Suit with Peak Lapel
  • 24 Product(s)
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3 Piece Suits

A 3 piece suit consists of matching pants, dress vest and a single-breasted suit jacket. Fashions come and go but the 3 piece suit will always be the mark of a well dressed man.

While it fell under the radar in the ‘90s, in recent years the 3 piece suit has been welcomed back into the world of high fashion.

The addition of the dress vest gives the suit an extra dose of panache – but the 3 piece has its practical side too. Aside from its original purpose of keeping the wearer warm, the vest keeps the shirt tucked in and avoids any ballooning of the shirt back. It also keeps the tie secure and pulls in the waistline, creating a flattering silhouette.

A 3 piece suit is as formal as you can get without going full-on black tie. It’s a powerful look and one that can be worn to the office – in the right shade. Choose charcoal greys and midnight blues as opposed to full on tweed or silver sheen – unless you like to get creative with your style of course. For a more informal look, leave the suit jacket loose with the vest showing through.

Fit wise, the vest should finish at your belt buckle and wrap snugly around your waist. Because the 3 piece suit is layered up, ensure the jacket fits well too, or you’ll risk the material bunching up and looking bulky. Another way to dress down the 3 piece suit is to leave the suit jacket off and unfasten the vest. This can even be worn with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

At Dobell we stock a range of 3 piece suits ideal for work, weddings and other special occasions.

For weddings and other formal occasions you can team a gray suit with a pale pink tie and pocket square, or contrast your black 3 piece suit with a bright red tie. For a really formal look, pair your 3 piece with a matching bow tie. Browse our extensive collection for inspiration.