Toastmaster Suits

Toastmaster Suits

At a wedding or particularly formal event, a toastmaster is responsible for introducing speakers, proposing toasts and keeping an eye on the schedule to keep the day running smoothly. It’s an important role and as such, requires an important-looking outfit. Our traditional toastmaster suits consist of traditional red tailcoats, pants and accessories in high quality fabrics for optimum durability.

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For weddings and large social gatherings, it can be useful to enlist a toastmaster to keep proceedings in order. In the case of weddings, it certainly takes a load of responsibility from the bride and groom’s shoulders. While it is possible to hire professional toastmasters, many couples select a friend or family member (usually one with a loud voice!). In this case, you may want to help distinguish them from the other guests with a traditional toastmaster suit.

Our toastmaster suits are all beautifully crafted from high quality fabric with traditional gold alloy buttons and narrow-cut trousers with satin side stripes. It’s traditional, highly formal and smart – perfect for weddings and other special events.