Wrap up this season in our new collection of sharply tailored overcoats, crafted from the finest wools and durable fabrics. Our coats are designed, structured and carefully tailored to protect you from the elements in effortless style.

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  • Dobell Charcoal Peacoat

    Dobell Charcoal Peacoat

    $199.95 $99.95

    50% OFF!

  • Dobell Black Watch Tartan 100% Lambswool Scarf
  • Dobell Black & Grey Tartan Check 100% Lambswool Scarf
  • Dobell Navy & Oatmeal Check 100% Lambswool Scarf
  • Dobell Green, Red & Blue Tartan 100% Lambswool Scarf
  • Harris Tweed Grey with Red & Blue Check Gloves
  • Failsworth Leather & Grey Herringbone with Red & Blue Check Harris Tweed Gloves
  • Dobell Grey Check 100% Lambswool Scarf
  • Dobell Grey & Red Tartan Check 100% Lambswool Scarf
  • Dobell Grey & Red Check 100% Lambswool Scarf
  • Green & Black Tartan Scarf
  • Failsworth 'Winston' Black Luxury Leather Gloves
  • Failsworth 'George' Black Leather Gloves
  • Blue Herringbone Tweed Scarf
  • Blue, Black & White Dogtooth Scarf
  • Dobell Navy & Grey Check 100% Lambswool Scarf
  • Black Funnel Neck Rainmac

    Black Funnel Neck Rainmac

    $119.95 $21.95

    82% OFF!

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Even in cold climates it’s possible to look suave without risking hypothermia. An overcoat is a long, warm coat with structured shoulders and a tailored cut. It’s an omnipresent trend, featuring on the catwalks every year at fashion events across the globe. Our overcoats are as durable as the trend itself, made from either 100% wool or strong wool blends. Wool, being naturally water resistant and insulating despite the thinness of the fabric, can be made into some of the smartest, sleekest winter coats for men.

So how should your overcoat fit? The sleeve of your overcoat should completely cover your suit sleeve and shirt cuff to keep your wrists warm above your gloves. Traditional overcoats are long – reaching almost all the way to the ankles in some cases. Modern redesigns – like ours, tend to finish well above the knees.

When checking your fit, try your suit jacket on underneath to make sure there’s plenty of room. If you see an x-shaped wrinkle across your chest after buttoning your overcoat up, then it’s too tight and you’ll need the size up. Take advantage of our free returns to get the best fitting overcoat for your body type.

Choose from single or double breasted overcoats depending on how formal you want to go. Double breasted overcoats are generally seen as more formal than single – although single breasted overcoats create a more streamlined, trim look.

Wear your overcoat to work, to the theatre, out to dinner, or over your tuxedo at any formal black tie event. It’s a versatile, practical garment well-suited to city lifestyles. If you’re going for a hike up a mountain – perhaps consider something a little less tailored. Besides, you wouldn’t want to get mud on it, would you?