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Dress Shirts

We stock a wide range of dress shirts, including 100% cotton work shirts, plaid shirts ideal for the weekend and a selection of modern slim fit shirts perfect for that night out. Whether it’s for work or leisure, you’re sure to find a great deal on dress shirts here. 

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  • Dobell White Shirt
  • Dobell White Oxford Shirt with Button Down Collar
  • Dobell 100% Cotton Ivory Shirt
  • Bold Tattersall Multi Check Warm Handle Shirt
  • Dobell White Slim Fit Shirt with Contemporary Collar
  • Dobell White Shirt with Classic Collar
  • Dobell White Slim Fit Shirt with Spread Collar
  • Avail London Burgundy Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Dobell White Cuban Collar Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Dobell 100% Cotton White Shirt
  • Loch Hart of Scotland White Penny Collar Dress Shirt With Collar Bar
  • Loch Hart of Scotland Red Bengal Stripe Shirt With Contrast Penny Collar
  • Loch Hart of Scotland White Grandad Collar Dress Shirt
  • Loch Hart of Scotland Light Blue Shirt With Contrast Penny Collar
  • Loch Hart of Scotland Light Blue Penny Collar Shirt
  • Dobell White Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Dobell Khaki Grandad Collar Linen Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Dobell Khaki Linen Pop-Over Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Dobell Navy Blue Linen Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Dobell Khaki Linen Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Avail London White Grandad Collar Shirt
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The dress shirt is the unsung hero in the suit ensemble, all too often overlooked because it’s worn tucked into the pants and hidden behind a jacket. But it’s not to be taken lightly. Get your dress shirt choice wrong, and you risk messing up your entire outfit – and possibly your whole day, too.

You should feel comfortable when you put on your dress shirt in the morning. Comfortable and confident – like you could take on the world without getting a single sweat patch. A good dress shirt can do that to you. A bad dress shirt can make you feel hot, sweaty, insecure and self-conscious – not a good feeling when you’ve got a day of whole work to get through.

But don’t worry. There are certain measures you can take to ensure you choose the right dress shirt. Number one, measure yourself properly. Measure your neck size and arm length and use our Sizing Guide to choose the perfect fit for you. You don’t want your collar so tight it hurts, or so loose it hangs off you. Once your shirt arrives, make sure you can comfortably fit one finger between your neck and the collar. If it doesn’t simply take advantage of our free returns option to choose a different size.

Next, you need to match your dress shirt color and pattern to your suit and neck tie. For the safe option, always pick a neck tie that’s darker than your shirt. Never pair patterns together – like a pinstriped dress shirt with a pinstriped suit, or a plaid shirt with a plaid tie (you get the idea).

A good selection of dress shirts will see you through all manner of smart-casual and formal situations. Browse away!