Tuxedo Shirts

Tuxedo Shirts

For that iconic swoop of white fabric at the front of your tuxedo, you’ll need a tuxedo shirt. Tuxedo shirts come in a range of styles and colors – including slim fit, pleated, plain, or piped in white, ivory and even black. Browse our extensive tuxedo shirt collection below, and don’t forget you can accessorize with stud buttons, suspenders, cufflinks, cummerbunds and vests.

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Don’t make the social faux pas of wearing a normal tuxedo shirt beneath your smart tuxedo jacket – it’s the tuxedo shirt that makes your black tie or white tie attire extra special. Tuxedo shirts are more formal than their everyday business counterparts. They do vary in style but are generally made from finer weaves, with a stiff collar and button holes for cufflinks and shirt studs.

Here at Dobell we stock a variety of tuxedo shirt styles, including plain front and pleated. Plain front tuxedo shirts are favored by men who prefer a simplistic look as they are, as the name suggests, plain fronted and sleeker in appearance. Pleated tuxedo shirts on the other hand have vertical pleats running down either side of the breast for added formality.

And the decisions don’t stop there. You also have a choice of collar styles. Opt for a wing collar if you’re heading to a white tie event. A wing collar shirt is generally seen as the most formal style of tuxedo shirt. The collars are heavily starched and stand straight up, with the tips bending at the nape of the neck to form two triangular peaks.

For a less formal look, consider a laydown collar, which looks more like a classic tuxedo shirt collar.

Tuxedo shirts have French cuffs that can be fastened together with cufflinks, giving you an opportunity to personalise your look. You can select from our huge range of cufflinks, choosing either classing Onyx, or perhaps a novelty set. Some of our tuxedo shirts feature ‘stud buttons’ which again up the formality of the tuxedo, while others are plain fronted for a seamless look.

Crafted by world-renowned specialist shirt manufacturers, our tuxedo shirts are resilient and smart yet comfortable enough to take you to the end of your formal event – and beyond.

Feeling comfortable in your tuxedo shirt is of course hugely important, so spend some time measuring yourself using our Sizing Guides. You’ll need to know your collar size, arm length and shirt length so that everything sits and fits as it should.