Tailored Fit 3 Piece Suits

Tailored Fit 3 Piece Suits

The epitome of smart elegance and tailored style, a 3-piece suit is a classic who’s popularity never dies, despite its long traditions. A spectacular option for all occasions where a suit is the go-to, a three piece tailored fit suit is a flattering and smart alternative for all situations. 

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When to Wear a Three Piece Suit

A three piece suit is the perfect alternative for any situation where a dressed-up look is expected. If you’re unsure when to wear a three piece suit, then this is a simple rule-of-thumb: any event where you’d wear a suit, you can wear a three piece. It all comes down to how you wear it. What is a three piece suit? Simply put, it is the combined jacket, pants and vest, creating a contemporary and yet classic alternative to the suit. Today you’ll find endless combinations of colors and fabric types, so that you can decide what sartorial stamp you want to put on the classic. If you’re a groom, or just attending a wedding, a three piece suit in a simple design is the optimal base for a wedding outfit. Styled in a relaxed way or more classically, depending on the dress code, a navy blue, grey, or black 3-piece suit can never be wrong. Similarly, you can pair it down to serve as a dressed-up business suit, and it will also do the job for dinner parties and dates. There are a couple of three piece suit etiquette rules to keep in mind though. A tailored fit three piece suit should have a sophisticated cut and fit your body perfectly. Be especially mindful of the length of the jacket sleeves and the fit around the shoulders. The waist of the vest should also be fitted in a flattering way. If shopping online, follow the provided size guide. Here you can find directions and measurements to help you find the best fit. The vest should cover the top of the pants’ waistband — this means no belt for a three piece suit. So wear suspenders if you need to. The bottom button of the vest and jacket should also always remain open. Other than that, get freaky with it! Break up the three piece and wear the items separately. Wear the jacket on its own, like a blazer, skip the jacket altogether, wear the vest with a different pair of pants, or just wear the pants on their own. The biggest bonus of the three piece suit is that you get an extra piece to play with.