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The blue suit is for the modern man; the man with his finger on the pulse. It’s smart, confident and on-trend without being too outrageous. If you are looking for a blue suit – whether for work, the weekend, or a wedding, choose from our range of classic and slim fit suits in a range of blue hues.

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  • Dobell Navy Blue Suit
  • Dobell Mississippi Blue Suit
  • Dobell Mississippi Blue 3 Piece Suit
  • Dobell Dark Blue Suit

    Dobell Dark Blue Suit

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  • Dobell Blue Tartan Suit
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Blue Suits for the Modern Man

The blue suit holds a special place in modern men’s wardrobes. They are the perfect balance between formal and modern, dressed-up and smart-casual. Going blue provides a well fitted suit for men who need an option that’s appropriate for both for work and pleasure. If you’re online shopping for a modern men’s suit, the options are many and the process might even seem overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be. If you have already decided on the colour, blue, which is a great choice for a business suit, smart-casual occasions, or those not-quite black-tie events, you have already done half the job. The next aspect of course, is the fit. Are you weighing out your options of slim fit suits vs. regular fit? Consider this: a slim fit suit will give a more tailored look and is seen as a more modern and contemporary style, a regular fit suit on the other hand might be a good option if you’re looking for a more relaxed fit or traditional look. Regardless of the fit, the important thing is to find a suit that is the right size. This used to be much easier in stores, where you could actually try the items on. But online shopping has improved drastically, and thanks to suit separates, size guides, and customer reviews, finding your perfect fit is no longer an unmanageable task. Even though it’s a long lasting staple, there’s no reason to break the bank for a blue suit. There are many great fitting, elegant options out there and plenty of inexpensive men’s suit, that will still provide you with that “just like tailored” fit and a suit that will become a go-to in your formal wardrobe. As with everything else you wear, it is what you team it with and how you accessorize that will make or break the look. This is no truer than with a blue suit. Pair it with a striped shirt and brown shoes for a timeless and effortless look, experiment with t-shirts and sneakers, or dress it up with a crisp, white shirt, red tie and black shoes — yes, black! The days of not mixing blue and black is over, the only rule is there are no rules.