Burgundy Suits

Burgundy Suits

The burgundy suit is a fashionable alternative to the gray, blue, and black suits. An exciting choice of evening suit, the burgundy suit is modern yet sophisticated, and is a versatile outfit basis— it’s also a great way of introducing some color into your winter wardrobe. A burgundy suit will make you stand out, and have you looking contemporary and elegant wherever you’re going.

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Men's Burgundy and Maroon Suits

The color burgundy is made by adding purple to red and is named after the wine Burgundy, which again is named after the French region by the same name. The color share similarities with maroon and oxblood, but stands out as more vivid than its brown-tinged counterparts. Not related to tailoring, this still means that the earthy color makes the burgundy suit an exciting alternative to other suit options, and a very flattering one as well. Thanks to more and more of us looking for ways to stand out from the sea of black suits, the burgundy suit has gained favor as a contemporary choice. However, it is still perfectly suited for formal occasions. As it happens, versatility is one of the burgundy suit’s biggest strengths — appropriate for most occasions where one is expected to wear a black or dark colored suit, but more modern in its expression than gray and blue alternatives. Worn with classic suit pairings, such as a white shirt, tie, handkerchief, and polished dress shoes, the burgundy suit looks sleek and classic. Achieve a bolder, but suitably formal, look, by teaming your burgundy suit with all black — shirt, tie, belt and shoes. With options like these available, there’s no reason why a burgundy suit won’t do you justice at a formal event. You can also add a matching vest to a selection of our burgundy suits, giving your outfit a dressy boost. The burgundy suit can just as easily be dressed down, with lightweight alternatives available that are perfect for a more contemporary expressions and aesthetics. Great for experimenting with more relaxed outfit choices, the burgundy suit is more appropriate for spring and summer if paired with short sleeved shirts and t-shirts. Equally, fine knits and turtlenecks are great pairings. If you’re wearing smart shoes stick to black. Experimenting with styles, however, can provide a nice change to the look — boots or chunkier shoes are great for this, unless you feel like slipping on a sneaker of course.