Morning Suits

Morning Suits

A British classic, and a favourite of royal occasions, Dobell's morning suit collection (also known as Cutaway Tuxedos) combines timeless style with quality cuts and fabrics. A particular favourite of groomsmen on their wedding day, these morning coats promise to deliver the most regal of looks, at unbelievable value. Don't forget to complete your look with a pair of traditional gray striped morning suit trousers and browse our Wedding Suit Packages to dress yourself and the wedding party for a fraction of the usual cost.

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  • Morning Suit, Top Hat, Vest, Shirt & Necktie

    Races Package

  • Morning Suit, Vest, Shirt & Necktie


  • 100% Wool Herringbone Morning Suit, Top Hat, Vest, Shirt & Necktie

    Luxury Package

  • Masonic Suit with Striped Pants, Vest, Shirt, Necktie & Shoes


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The morning suit is one of our favourite historic British imports. With its traditional tailcoat and striped formal trousers, the morning suit is the epitome of gentlemanly elegance.

This formal garment originated in 17th century England as a practical way to look stylish whilst riding a horse, with the coat tails draped conveniently over each side of the horse’s back.

Today, morning suits are a popular choice for men’s wedding attire teamed with a top hat, a stylish waistcoat and a coordinating tie or cravat.

If you are currently planning your wedding, why not surprise your bride on the big day by turning up in traditional morning wear? This is by far the smartest and most formal outfit a groom can wear. We stock a range of morning suits in demure colors including black, navy blue and various shades of gray. You can also choose from a variety of fabrics, including luxury wool, mohair and a durable viscose blend.

Have fun with the color of your formal vest and tie/cravat. Match it with the color scheme of the occasion, or express your own unique style by selecting from our brightly colored options.

If you’re short on time and in need of a morning suit quickly and affordably, take advantage of our incredible package deal, which includes a luxury black morning suit, pale gray vest, crisp white dress shirt and necktie, all for less than the price of renting.