Regular Fit Suits

Regular Fit Suits

A great choice for a business suit, wardrobe staple, or a “go-to” for dressed-up events, the regular fit suit is a wearable and elegant option for a multitude of needs. With an elegant look and familiar suit elements, a regular fit suit is a perfect option if you value style and comfort. Choose between our many various styles and find your absolute favorite.

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  • Dobell Black Travel/Performance Suit
  • Dobell Grey Sharkskin Suit
  • Dobell Navy Travel/Performance Suit
  • PROMO - Suits
  • Dobell Blue Tartan Suit
  • Dobell Black Herringbone Masonic Suit with Striped Pants
  • Torre Grey with Blue Overcheck Suit
  • Dobell Light Grey Travel/Performance Suit
  • Torre Grey 100% Wool Flecked Tweed Suit
  • Dobell Blue Check Suit
  • Torre 100% Wool Light Blue Tweed Suit
  • Torre 100% Wool Dark Blue Check Suit
  • Torre Dark Blue Suit
  • Torre Blue 100% Wool Herringbone Tweed Suit
  • Dobell Charcoal Windowpane Check Suit with Peak Lapel
  • Skopes 'Darwin' Black Suit
  • Skopes 'Darwin' Navy Blue Suit
  • Skopes 'Darwin' Charcoal Suit
  • Skopes 'Darwin' Grey Suit
  • Dobell Mississippi Blue Suit
  • Dobell Dark Blue Suit
  • Torre 100% Wool Brown Tweed Suit
  • Dobell Navy Blue Suit

    Dobell Navy Blue Suit

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  • Dobell Black Suit
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Traditional Suits for the Modern Man

The regular fit suit has a generous cut, while maintaining a smart and modern look. An excellent option if you’re looking for a suit that will last you for a long time and take you through the week, whether that’s in professional situations or even traveling. The regular fit suit is also a great alternative for special events, and will serve you well for dates and weddings — or anything in-between. A regular fit suit does not have to be synonymous with an outdated or unexciting look, made evident by our wide range of stylish options. We have alternatives in elegant wool fabrics, lightweight technical materials, and inspiring colors and patterns. Combined with a great construction and fit, this is the blueprint for a beautiful regular fit suit. It is very important to consider the fit when looking for the right regular fit suit; using our available size guide will make it easy and simple, leaving you with more time to choose your favorite suit. The size guide will show you how to make correct measurements — for jackets, pants, and shirts — and make finding the right fit a more manageable task. If you’re unsure about some of the terminology, check out our glossary of terms where you can read the definitions of the most common suit and tailoring terms. To find out more about our regular fit suits, read our customer's reviews and hear what they have to say — we’re sure you’ll find some inspiration in there as well. At Dobell, we are proud to make inexpensive men’s suits that make an impression. With quality construction and great design as our focus, we can promise you that you will find a reasonably priced regular fit suit that will make you feel and look great. Available for a selection of our regular fit suits are matching vests that will take your look to another level or simply provide you with a back-up for formal events. We also have a wide range of sizes so you can create a regular fit suit that works perfectly for you.