Skinny Fit Suits

Skinny Fit Suits

The most contemporary and effortlessly cool of the formal outfit options, the skinny fit suit has become a favorite with formalwear enthusiasts, everyday suit-wearers and fashion followers. The sophisticated and elegant cut has won the support of the suit-wearing masses, thanks to the flattering fit and beautiful style. A perfect choice for a versatile outfit base and a style-boost for your wardrobe.

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Skinny Fit Suits at the Best Price

A skinny fit suit is a great choice of formal-wear, particularly if you’re interested in maintaining a cool and contemporary style. The fact that it offers a sleek and flattering silhouette, and provides an elegant base for a modern take on the formal get-up, is of course a big bonus. Regardless of what type of skinny fit suit you’d like to go for, we’re sure you’ll find something you like here in our beautiful selection of styles, materials, and colors. Keep in mind that fit is the make or break if you’d like to look good in a skinny fit suit. Luckily, finding the right size doesn’t have to be hard work. Focusing on key aspects such as the length of the jacket sleeves and pant legs, as well as the fit over the shoulders and around the waist, will take you a long way. Using our size guide when choosing your skinny fit suit will help you pick the right fit. 
Blue, navy, and gray skinny fit suits are excellent options for day-wear, as well as for weddings and professional settings — they are also perfectly versatile styles that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. On the other hand, a skinny fit black suit is a suitable alternative for more formal situations, particularly funerals and evening events. A skinny-fit variety of the classic black suit is also great as a business suit. The skinny fit suit is even available in a range of patterned and checked options, all in various colors and fabrics. Seen as an adventurous alternative by some, with a skinny fit checked suit you’ll be showing of your sartorial brilliance. The skinny fit checked suit has a surprisingly relaxed feel to it, making it wearable and not at all the loud choice many consider it to be. Regardless of what style you go for, the skinny fit suit looks best when worn with a slim fitting shirt — whether in monochrome colors like black or white, or patterns — and paired with a slim tie and smart shoes. Depending on the type of skinny fit suit, experiment with your choice of footwear; nearly everything from sneakers to brogues will work.