Tartan Suits

Tartan Suits

Tartan suits feature intersecting horizontal and vertical lines in multiple colors. This pattern was first worn thousands of years ago by Celtic soldiers. Today, it's a popular look that looks great in a formal ensemble. Browse this page for a variety of tartan suits.

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Tartan Suits for Men

A tartan suit will be an effortlessly fun and suitably sophisticated addition to your formal wardrobe. Regardless of which of the many colors you go for, maybe a green or a red tartan suit, you can be certain that your choice will make a lasting impression. To make your outfit attract even more attention, there are matching vests available as well. You even get tartan tuxedos which truly are amazing alternatives for black-tie dressing. Also available are tartan handkerchiefs and bow-ties, so you can always start small and build up your collection The tartan suit is a great stand-out choice for evening-wear, even as far as checked and patterned suits go. The lively colors in combination with the bold check gives a very distinctive look, and makes the tartan suit and excellent option for an outside-of-the-box take on formal attire. Surprisingly perhaps, a tartan suit is very wearable and flattering, and not at all hard to pull off. Wear it with a slim-fitting white shirt, teamed with a pocket square and bow-tie, and the tartan suit will prove to be a good choice for special occasions. On the other hand, it can be worn more casually with an open-necked shirt and a belt, which is perfectly fashionable and contemporary. The tartan suit separates are elegant and smart when worn individually as well. The tartan pants have just the right amount of laidback elegance and are a great as part of a trendy look. The jacket can also be worn on its own and is especially great as part of an otherwise formal outfit of white shirt, bow-tie, black suit pants, and shiny black shoes. Instantly, the look of the colorful tartan suit will remind you of the pattern’s tradition and history. An easily recognizable fabric with strong connections to Scottish and Gaelic culture, it is made by weaving dyed threads into a pattern of crisscrossing bands of color. Even though traditionally it was linked to clans, with the different patterns representing various regions, it has since become a well-known and much-reproduced fabric and pattern. It has found its place in the fashion industry and within pop-culture, just think of the punk movement in the 90s.