Tweed Suits

Tweed Suits

The tweed suit is an impressively elegant addition to your library of looks. It is instantly recognizable and a classic suit option. Providing you with plenty of outfit-opportunities, a tweed suit will add a vintage flair to your wardrobe. It also happens to be a high-quality and durable choice for smart casual dressing, with the tweed being naturally weather resistant and warm.

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Tweed Suits for Men: Get the Vintage Look

What is tweed, you say? Tweed is a woolen fabric woven into various structures with a soft texture, most famous of which is what is called a herringbone pattern. Originating from traditional and weather-appropriate Irish and British outerwear, the tweed has been popular for generations. Initially for its durable qualities, but increasingly because of its characteristic look and sartorial uniqueness. The tweed suit is now considered a modern and sophisticated alternative by many and has gained particular global popularity among street-style enthusiasts. The fabric was originally used for workwear, but the elegant look and beautiful construction has made the tweed suit a contemporary and dressed-up staple as well. An excellent choice for a day-suit, particularly when the weather gets colder, with an abundance of styling options for the wearer. You can, for instance, wear the tweed suit as part of a smart-casual outfit, paired with sneakers and relaxed layers, like a t-shirt or denim shirt. You can also add a tweed vest for a seriously stylish three-piece tweed suit. The tweed suit is a versatile outfit base and many wear tweed suits at weddings and other formal events. Take into consideration the style, construction, and color of your tweed suit and it can be just as formal, or casual, like any other suit. More tailored fitting tweed suits in darker colors and finer textures are perfect alternatives to classic dressed-up attire. And most of all, it will make you feel sophisticated and well dressed. Paired with a white shirt, tie or bow-tie, pocket square, and shoes in either black or brown, your tweed suit will truly shine — making you look smart and trendy, with a heritage-cool twist. Certain tweed suits can handle some heavy color-treatment and an effortless way of incorporation some color is through a pair of bright-colored or loudly patterned socks.