As the ultimate in formal attire, our sleek collection of tuxedos features high-quality tuxedo jackets and trousers perfect for parties, weddings and black-tie events. With an extensive range of styles, fabrics and fits, shop our timeless range for less than the price of renting.

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  • Dobell Black Sequin Slim Fit Shawl Lapel Tuxedo Jacket
  • Dobell Light Blue Slim Fit Shawl Lapel Tuxedo Jacket
  • Dobell Light Pink Slim Fit Shawl Lapel Tuxedo Jacket
  • Dobell Black Tuxedo Jacket with Blue Peak Lapel
  • Avail London Black Shawl Lapel Slim Fit Tuxedo Jacket
  • Dobell White Slim Fit Tuxedo Jacket with Black Floral Jacquard & Contrast Shawl Lapel
  • Dobell Black Mandarin Collar Tuxedo Jacket
  • Dobell Black Houndstooth Tuxedo Jacket with Contrast Peak Lapel
  • Selected Homme Dark Grey Slim fit Tuxedo Jacket with Black Satin Shawl Lapel
  • Avail London Black Watch Tartan Shawl Lapel Slim Fit Tuxedo Jacket
  • 1 Button, Luxury Black Tuxedo Jacket, Notch Lapel - 100% Pure Wool
  • Noose & Monkey Blue Slim Fit Velvet Jacket
  • Dobell Black Tuxedo Jacket with Satin Trim
  • Dobell Navy Paisley Velvet Tuxedo Jacket
  • Dobell Navy Blue Velvet Jacket
  • Dobell Burgundy Velvet Jacket
  • Dobell Black Slim Fit Velvet Jacket
  • Dobell Dark Green Slim Fit Velvet Jacket
  • 1 Button, Black Tuxedo Jacket, Notch Lapel
  • Dobell Navy Tailored Fit Tuxedo Jacket with Contrast Peak Lapel
  • 1 Button, Black Skinny Fit Dinner Jacket, Notch Lapel by Dobell
  • 1 Button, Black Tuxedo Jacket, Shawl Lapel
  • 1 Button, Slim-Fit, Black Dinner Jacket, Peak Lapel by Dobell
  • Dobell Black Double Breasted Tuxedo Jacket
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The tuxedo is the pinnacle of American formal attire – a symbol of celebration and class. It’s a timeless piece consisting of jacket, pants, dress shirt and bow tie, which every man can look good in with the right style and fit.

The origins of the tuxedo are hotly disputed. Some believe this elegant design was the brainchild of Griswold Lorillard, son of the owner of an exclusive sporting club north of New York City called Tuxedo Park (a simplified version of the Native American name ‘P'tauk-seet-tough’). Griswold was said to have worn a ‘tailless’ black jacket to a ball, flouting the then-dress code of traditional tail-coat and setting a trend for all the other bright young socialites of New York.

Others attribute the tuxedo to the co-founder of the park’s club – James Brown Potter, who was said to have seen the style on the Prince of Wales during a trip to England before bringing it back to the US. What was then a rising trend is now a formal dress code, worn to every black tie event in the world.

The tuxedo creates an iconic and instantly recognizable look, with the black jacket contrasting against the crisp white dress shirt (a look which lent the tuxedo its nickname, the penguin suit). If you already have the right pants, shirt and bow tie, you can buy a dinner jacket separately. Otherwise, you can buy a tuxedo suit on this page, including the jacket and pants, or go all out with a tuxedo package to get your jacket, shirt and bow tie in one easy, affordable package.

Style-wise, we offer a choice between shawl lapels (for a dressier evening look) and peak lapels (sharp and structured). We also stock a range of colors and patterns, including black, white, navy, dogtooth and velvet in black, red and blue.

At Dobell you can opt for one of our own-brand affordable Dobell tuxedos, all of which are designed in-house and inspired by the latest trends, or you can select one of our exclusive collection of designer brands.